About Jeff

About Jeff Poston, Realtor & Investor

I'm a veteran investor since 1993 and I've bought and sold a lot of distressed properties and made money on most of them. In fact, the only personal projects I lost money on were as a result of the recent deep recession, like many investors. Over the years, I've also put together quite a few partnerships - both formal and "closely held." The key to partnerships is the ability to manage them when things don't go as planned, and that's one of my strengths. I'm also a licensed Realtor since 2006 who specializes in finding profitable and CASH-FLOWING properties for investors. Scroll down to see the exact rehab/reposition formulas that I use to find profit and cash flow, as well as my track record and what other professionals and clients are saying about me.


Net profit = Sales price minus closing costs minus fix-up cost minus acquisition cost (purchase price plus buy-side closing costs) minus cost of money or holding costs.
ROI = net profit divided by your actual cash-in


Cap Rate 8% minimum, DCR 1.6 minimum, ROI 12% minimum


1.  615 Vassar NE: buy $113K, $35K add-on, sold $225K, profit $52K (ROI=35%)

2.  1001 Richmond SE: buy $135K, $18K fix-up, sold $230K, profit $54K (ROI=35%)

3.  3922 Smith SE: buy $125K, $13K fix-up, sold $185K, profit $29K (ROI=21%)

4.  4020 Smith SW: buy $150K, $35K fix-up, sold $235K, profit $27K (ROI=15%)

5.  435 Ash NE: buy $150K, $55K fix-up, sell $218K, loss $8K (Loss=4%)

6.  3901 Arlote SE: buy $118K. $10K fix-up, sell $185K, profit $32K (ROI=25%)

7.  214 Cutler NW: buy $73K, $38K fix-up, sell $143K, profit $32K (ROI=29%)

8.  1650 Griegos NW: buy $174K, $10K fix-up, sell $245K, profit $40K (ROI=21%)

9.  2324 14th St SE (Rio Rancho): buy $480K, $0 fix-up, sell $527.5K, profit $22K (ROI=160%)

10. 1508 San Carlos SW: buy $308K, $55K fix-up; sell $440K, profit $39.6K (ROI=69%)

11. 2206 Camino de los Artesanos NW: buy $235K, fix-up $35K; sell $350K; profit $55K (ROI=147%)

12. 1407 15th Street NW: buy $100K, fix-up $20K; sell $148K; profit $15K (ROI=57%)

13. 1018 Bernalillo SE (Four Hills), buy $330K, fix-up $25K; sell $380K; loss $7K (Loss=8%)

14. 6000 Zimmerman NE (Uptown), buy $139K, fix-up $42K, sell $232K, profit $39K (ROI=67%)

15. 1623 La Vega SW (South Valley), buy $64K, fix-up $43k, sell $140K, profit $21K (ROI=20%)

16. 1136 Turner NE (Foothills), buy $270K, fix-up $47K, appraised for refi $475K,profit $117K (ROI=110%)

17. 9824 Guadalupe Tr (Far N Valley), buy $235K, fix $45K, appraised for refi $385K, profit $72K (ROI=96%)

18. MHP: Offer $2.3M 10% down REC (appraised $2.85M), Cash Flow $17K/month (ROI=41%)

19. STORAGE: Offer $2.5M 16% down REC, Cash Flow $10K/month (ROI=30%)

20, REHAB APT: Offer $257K, Rehab $96K, Appraisal $500K, Cash Flow $3,600/month (ROI=12.6%)

21. STORAGE: Offer $1.6M, Cap Rate 12.3%, DCR 1.9, ROI=20%, Cash Flow $8,800/month

22. REHAB 12-UNIT APT: Offer $175K, Rehab $50K, Appraised $425K, Sold $335K, net profit $82K (ROI=36%)

23. PARTNERSHIP SFH: buy $270K, rehab $47K, sold $382K, net profit $53K (ROI=17%)

24. 1104 Waldie Rd SW: buy $80K, rehab $30K, sold $165K, net profit $41K (ROI=37%)

25. 1816 Zickert Rd NW: buy $100K, rehab $30K, CMA $200K, net profit $53K (ROI=41%)

26. 1819 Childers Dr NE: buy $94K, rehab $36K, sold $187,500, net profit $25K (ROI=19%)

27. 9811 Snow Heights Dr NE: private investor family purchase, rehab $65K, (ROI=50%)

28. 1701 June St NE: buy $58K, rehab $35K, sold $135,000, net profit $21K (ROI=23%)

29. 6635 Isleta Blvd SW: buy $195K, rehab $110K, sold $335,000, net profit $4.4K (ROI=1.4%)

30. 720 Autumn Meadows Dr NE: buy $120K, rehab $20K, sold $167,500, net profit $12K (ROI=8%)

31. 7279 Pajarito Rd NE: buy $110K, rehab $33K, sold $175,000, net profit $17K (ROI=12%)

32. 7432 Edith Blvd NE: buy $140K, rehab $255K, sold $450,000, net profit $34K (ROI=9%)

Finance Pre-Approval: The Critical First Step Toward Building Your Wealth

If you're buying a bargain fixer-upper to live in, getting a loan is still very easy to do IF you have good credit, good income, good debt-to-income ratio, and cash for sufficient downpayment. I know several lenders who can help you on this path if you fit well within these parameters.

As an investor, you have basically five options for purchasing and remodeling projects: (1) Use cash (yours or someone else's) for the purchase and fix-up, (2) Obtain a loan for the purchase and use cash for the fix-up, (3) Obtain a construction loan for the purchase and fix-up, (4) Use a private money source or "hard-money" lender, or (5) Form a partnership.

Please realize that downpayment requirements have increased to 30-40% as lenders share more risk with investors.

When buying apartments, you have a few more creative options. All sellers, though, especially apartment and light commercial sellers, want to see a loan pre-approval letter or statement of cash on hand to proceed with any transaction, so it makes a lot of sense to have this ready before we do any looking or offering. But most apartment sellers will work with you on seller financing for all or part of the purchase price, so your cash outlay can be less. Call me for details.

Getting a loan pre-approval previously only took 24 hours. Now it can take a week as lenders do a LOT of due diligence on you BEFORE you actually make a loan application so they can be certain you're a good loan candidate. This is ABSOLUTELY your first step in the investment world, as most sellers and Realtors won't spend time with you until you've done this. Please have your favorite lender email this to me. Call if me you need some a suggestion for your investor loans.

Here's what they're saying about Jeff Poston

"Jeff came up with some very creative negotiations to keep more money in my pocket after inspections were finalized. [He] stayed in constant contact with me throughout the purchase and sale process keeping me informed of all activity on the property. [He also] introduced me to a contractor over a year ago who I have since used on most of my projects including work on my own home." -- Steve K., Investor

"After looking at a dizzying array of homes on our own, Jeffrey took careful note of our search criteria and introduced my wife and I to place that we love out near the Westside. On his advice, we even ended up getting the home for $5,000 less than the initial asking price. Mr. Poston will definitely be whom we come to first for any future real estate needs." -- Ron N., Home Buyer

"I am impressed that you are such a good listener, very accommodating as we go through the learning curve, very knowledgeable and NEVER pushy. Are you sure you are a Realtor? Clearly you are confident in your business and are eager to share in order to promote success for others." -- Carol T., Architect

"You're awesome! I love working a deal with you and look forward to new business." -- Daniel M., Realtor

"It has been a pleasure to work with you on a number of transactions. From a mortgage persons point of view, it is a breath of fresh air to be able to deal with a Realtor of your caliber. Your level of follow up and attention to details makes my job that much easier. I also feel you share the same high level of respect and honesty for all your clients as I do. They always tell me how much they love you!  I look forward to working with you in the future again." -- Mauricio P, Mortgage Broker

"I am very happy when Jeff Poston of the Poston Company LLC is representing either the buyer or a seller in a real estate transaction.  Jeff consistently provides me with the information essential to the preliminary title work and ultimately the successful closing of his transaction.  Jeff is a true professional in the real estate industry." -- Judy L., Escrow Title Officer

"[Jeff found] me the best investment property in AQB :) I didn't know escrow could close that fast 3. Weekly [investor] email updates are highly appreciated - great investment opportunities are on those messages." -- Mohammad H, Investor