2-Minute Training Videos

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 RE-201: Beginning & Refresher Topics
 The Real Estate Market Cycle
 Investor's Profit Formula
 Profit Formula Examples
 Investor's Biggest Mistake
 What NOT To Rehab
 6 Tips To Stay On Rehab Budget
 No Money Down
 Working With REC Buyers
 Swimming Pool Rehab

 RE-301: Cash Flow & Income Property
 The Commercial Purchase Timeline
 Why Apartment Offers Are Different
 Biggest Barrier To Buying Good Investments
 When To Renegotiate Your Offers
 Can You Renegotiate APARTMENT Offers
 What Is Cap Rate?
 How To Reposition Income Property
 How To Use Pro-Forma Data
 Due Diligence

 RE-401: Raising Money & Partnerships
Dealing With Difficult Questions
 3 Barriers To BIG Money In Real Estate
 ROI versus IRR
 Holy Trinity Criteria For Profitability
2 High Cash Flow Investments 
 When To Use Hard Money
 No Money Down
 Attracting and Working With Partners
 A Hard-Money Deal Done the RIGHT Way

 The California Investors Series
3 times the Cap Rate, 6 times the ROI